Thursday, May 25, 2006

Temporarily Interrupting Frantic Housecleaning For A Brief Message

I'm not sure what sort of direct line you people have to God, but right after I posted about Emma Kate's church situation yesterday, things started moving into high gear. Over the last couple of months EK has said to me, "Oh, wouldn't it be neat if THIS THING could happen," and then yesterday it all started to fall in place. Their small group made some major decisions last night, but since I don't have the next four hours to devote to typing, I'll probably tell the story in increments somewhere down the road.

All that to say - EK and her hubby are coming for supper tonight. And their three kids. And some other friends of ours. And their kids. Without going into all the details (what else is new, Mrs. McVaguery?), but I think the biggest "God is at work here" moment was when I asked EK what time they'd be here (keep in mind she's 2 1/2 hours away from me), and she told me that they were flying because a plane - YES, I said a PLANE - had been made available to them...someone flying to Atlanta agreed to drop them off here on the way over and stop and pick them up on the way back home.

In the midst of everything else (sorry, Sarah - I stole your first three words), :-) EK and I both had the kind of mornings you have when God is trying to work and the devil just gets all up in your business. Emma Kate actually rebuked the devil in an email to me, and I got so tickled because it seemed oh-so-very 21st century of her. I'm pretty sure it was the first time I've opened an email and seen the phrase "Satan, get thee behind me" in the opening line...but it worked!

Anyway - they'll be here any minute, so I better finish my "chores." And Mama and Daddy are coming in tonight, too, because tomorrow night David and I will be with the lovely Ms. Faith Hill and the handsome Mr. Tim McGraw. We'll be on row nine, which I believe is the closest security will let me get to Faith (given my obsession with her and my pronouncement that she's my BFF) without alerting the authorities and filing a restraining order.

So tonight, I'll be with my real-life best friend, and tomorrow night, I'll be with my pretend-celebrity best friend (but at a safe distance, so that I don't, you know, SCARE HER).

As Alex would say, "THAT'S SO EXCITING!"


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