Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Soul Patrol!

I'm just sayin'.

So yay Taylor and all that, but y'all, that was the weirdest two hours of television I've ever seen.

Meatloaf? Mary J. Blige? Burt Bacarach? Dionne Warwick? Toni Braxton? Al Jarreau? The most random line-up of artists ever.

The weirdest was the whole Clay Aiken thing - so weird in fact that I found it difficult to watch, primarily because Clay's hair was flat-ironed within an inch of its life and dyed auburn to boot, but those things didn't seem to bother the young man who sat on the stool and hollered while Clay sang. BI-ZARRE.

The highlights? Carrie Underwood was great, and I thought Prince was delightful.

David pointed out that all the Idols' "routines" remind him of The Brady Bunch - and I feel that's an excellent call.

So Idol '06 is officially over - no more Tuesday night "live blogging" - I'm sure you're all crushed and will be waiting on the edge of your monitors for next season. Regardless, I think we can all agree on at least one thing: I spent far too much time thinking and writing about a reality singing competition considering that I'm, you know, GROWN. But as Alan Jackson says, "Too much of a good thing - is a good thing." :-)

BooMama OUT.


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