Monday, May 29, 2006

All The Loose Ends Are Driving Me Crazy

Let's just take several topics from the last few days and wrap them up in some festive paper with a lovely bow on top, shall we?

1. Based on your comments and some serious over-analysis on my part, I'm gonna leave the blogging church people alone. Here's what I figure: if they wanted me to know they were blogging, they would've told me. Now if it comes up in conversation and I decide to tell them about my own blog and they'd like to visit, fine. But since I do know them, and since they haven't told me about their blogs, then I don't want to trample on their territory. Put it this way: if they were all having a picnic, and I found out about it, I wouldn't just show up. The thing is, I wouldn't care at all if one of them stopped by here and commented...but since I don't know what their blogging boundaries are, I'm going to assume they're pretty rigid and keep my distance. At least until I change my mind. :-)

2. I'm officially not posting what I wrote for the LBY study this past weekend. I talked to David about it Saturday, and he thought it would probably be wise to leave it off the blog - and we got major, 100% confirmation last night that it was the right thing to do. Just because I feel strongly about something does not always mean that I need to share it with the world. The irony is that NOT posting actually confirmed what I learned last week in the study about being humble. Posting what I wrote, telling y'all how I felt about a certain something - it would've been really cathartic for me. But sometimes - and in this case in particular - it just ain't about me. I actually exercised more gentleness - the topic we were studying - by leaving well enough alone. And I hereby abandon this vaguest of all vague topics.

3. David got the chance to continue his home improvement marathon today when he and our neighbor Jimmy used some form of metal-melting tool to fix our lawnmower. D. described all the sautering to me with pure love in his eyes, said he even got to wear protective goggles, and told me that he and Jimmy looked like Stormtroopers as they worked in the garage. D. also got to cook on the grill not once but twice today, then discuss how to kill ants over supper, so I think all in all it's been a fine Memorial Day weekend for him.

4. Not that anyone, you know, CARES, but I'm probably going to be a sporadic blogger this week. Alex and I are heading out of town this Thursday, and I have a bunch to get done Tuesday and Wednesday. A haircut is a top priority...those of you who have never seen me don't know that I usually love me a funky haircut - the more pieces sticking out all over my head, the better - but my hair has gotten so long (it's touching my shoulders - I might as well be Crystal Gayle) that I can actually pull it back into a ponytail. Clearly the sun will be hurling itself toward the earth any moment now. GOT TO GET IT CUT. And I'm sure you'll be surprised, but I'm cooking for a dinner at church this Sunday night, so there's lots of grocery shopping to do before I head out of town, because I'll have to HIT IT when we get home Saturday afternoon.

5. Seeing the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" on Oprah today has me considering renting the season 1 DVD's. Daphne, pick yourself up off of the floor. It is VERY difficult for me to get on board with a TV show unless I watch it from the first episode, but I'm considering playing catch-up with this one. I know, I know - MAJOR comfort zone step-out on my part. I typically don't like medical shows (never been an "ER" fan), but I'm increasingly willing to give this one a chance. Nothing like jumping on a bandwagon, huh?

Have a great week, everybody!


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