Saturday, May 27, 2006

We Hope To Have Our Hearing Back By Tuesday

Lots of fun at the concert last night. We were, as I told David, "disconcertingly close" to The Talent (thanks to Sister, who hooked us up with incredible seats).

When the show started, Faith was on the opposite end of the stage, and David leaned over to me and said, "Hey, I bet Tim enters the stage right here."

And just as he said it, like magic, Tim (who from this day forward will be known, at least for the purposes of this blog, as Mr. Hottie McHotterson) appeared before us.

I screamed. Just a little bit.

And then Faith (Mrs. Hottie McHotterson, for the record) made her way to our side of the stage.

Here's one thing I appreciated about Faith. She was thin, but she wasn't skinny. The last time we saw them in concert she was rail-thin, but this time she had curves and toned arms and really looked healthy. She also looked like a regular person - no fancy outfits, no over-the-top hair or make-up - she just seemed real and approachable and like someone I could've grown up with.

And she sounded great, to boot. David and I were both impressed with how strong and full her voice was - way better than when we heard her live six years ago. She did a version of "There Will Come A Day" - one of my all-time favorite Faith songs - and it was like listening to great gospel music (in fact, she even said, "Praise Him, Praise His Name" at the end of it, and all I could think about was that Emma Kate would have said, "Did you hear that? Did you hear her? She said, 'Praise His Name!'Oh, I think I love her now!"). :-)

The second part of the concert was Tim's solo set.

He was wearing blue jeans.

AHEM. A-HEM. And just so you know, David listened with amusement to all of my kind comments about Tim's blue jeans, and I listened with amusement to all of his kind comments about Faith's appearance, and we still love EACH OTHER very much. We're also quite confident that Tim and Faith love each other, too.

At the end of the show, our pretend celebrity couple BFF did a few numbers together, and I LOVED the dress that Faith wore. It looked so much like something Liz would wear that I wanted to call her, describe it, and then see if she could find it on the internet. ADORABLE.

All in all - it was a great show. Aside from the drunken revelers who kept working their way down to our seats, hardly able to keep their balance, sloshing their drinks all over the steps, it was a fun crowd. And the police eventually gave the drunken revelers some gentle encouragement to return to their assigned seating. And seriously - Tim McGraw is a great live performer. He has the personality, the vocals, the blue jeans :-) - he is just a ton of fun to see live. So if you get the chance....

In other bloggity news, I haven't forgotten about my LBY post for this week. But after working on it yesterday, I decided that it might be a wee bit personal to post on the interweb...the topic (gentleness) definitely hit home with me, especially the part about having a teachable spirit, which is an area where I've been struggling lately. But since I don't want to say anything that could be construed as divisive, and since I don't want to be SO vague that people would read it and say, "HUH?" - I'm contemplating keeping this one to myself. If I have time today, though, I may try to re-write it altogether. Just so you know.


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