Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday With The Boys

I've made not one but two trips to Lowe's today - one to scope out the grills, another to pick up The Chosen Grill (we weren't in David's truck when we went after church, and TCG wouldn't fit in the back of my car).

It's a curious thing, Lowe's. As soon as the doors slide open David goes into a "hunt and conquer" mode: he must find the right drill bit, the right lugnut, the right grill, the right sprinkler, the right width of such and such so that he can brace the thingamajig. It is endlessly entertaining to me. I'm eyeballing the patio furniture and the latest organizational gadgets, and he's looking at the latest edgers and mowers, admiring the sharp blades, nodding his head and saying, "Coooool."

Alex is no different. Both of his trips to Lowe's today afforded him the opportunity to hop from riding mower to riding mower, each time announcing to me where he was driving, and then he'd jump off once he'd reached his imaginary destination, tend to his imaginary business at each imaginary place, and climb back on his yellow and green mowing machine, making all manner of cranking and screeching noises.

Meanwhile, I'm rocking in a patio chair, thinking, "I really like the fringe on that garden umbrella," while Alex pops imaginary wheelies and David talks with clerks about BTU's and warranties and propane.

When we got in the car after our first trip, David said, "Aren't you excited about our new grill? It makes me want to hunt things and kill them and then cook them."

"Yeah," I said. "It just makes me want to eat some chicken."


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