Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Strange But True Edition

Thirteen Things I Should Be Embarrassed To Tell You But I'm Not Because I Obviously Have No Pride

1. I do not know how to text message. I mean, I know HOW, but I can't do it well. I COULD send you a text message, but I wouldn't finish it until 2009, at which point the news would be somewhat old. So I'm sticking with email.

2. When I'm downstairs in my husband's office and I survey his vast electronic universe, I have to ask for assistance to even turn on the television. And if the DVD player or TiVo is involved? I just hand him the remote and point to the device I need.

3. If I catch sight of an insect, no matter where I am, I immediately pull my feet up off of the floor and hop from one piece of furniture to another until I find a perch that I feel will remain off said insect's path. And then I yell for David to come and kill it. I think this particular strain of paranoia / OCD stems from An Unfortunate Cockroach Incident when we lived in Baton Rouge - where the cockroaches are the size of small housecats - and one crawled across my leg when we were watching television. I bet, if you think back to 1998 really, really hard, you'll remember hearing me scream.

4. Surprisingly, I have never intentionally touched an insect. I'm sure you're shocked after reading #3.

5. I made an F in a course in graduate school. It was the semester that I fell head over heels for David, and Utopian literature didn't hold much appeal - not that it held much appeal pre-falling head over heels, to tell the truth. I kept thinking I would catch up on my coursework, but the end-of-semester deadline hit, and I received a note from the professor that said (OUCH), "I'm sorry you were unable to submit any papers for grading. Course grade: F." So I ended up in summer school to make up the hours. And yes, I plan to delete this post before Alex is old enough to read.

6. When I was in sixth or seventh grade, I covered one of my notebooks with pictures of Rick Springfield. AND if that weren't enough, I changed the words of "I Love Rock-n-Roll" to "I Love Rick Springfield," and it went a little something like this: "I love Rick Springfield, so take another look at his fine face, baby; I love Rick Springfield, so come on take your time and dance with me." Okay, so maybe I only changed a few words. But still.

7. I consider this to be one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime. Okay, at least of my blogging lifetime.

8. When I was in seventh grade, I wrote a fan letter to Duran Duran that incorporated many of the titles of their 80's hits. All together now: GOOOOOOOB.

9. I am a total OCD traveler in that I LOVE TO PACK A SUITCASE. I love to think about everything that I might need, and organize all my toiletries, and get the big huge Ziplocs for shampoo, and oh just thinking about it makes me a little giddy.

10. The inside of my car is a disaster. DISASTER, I say verily unto you. But I'm cleaning it out before we hit the road today. I really am.

11. One time I cooked for an event at church - did a big ole meal for about 100 people - and I used 32 (THIRTY TWO!) sticks of butter. Surprisingly, no one's heart stopped during or immediately after the festivities. But our friend Kevin did leave the luncheon to have an emergency root canal. I'm not sure if the dental work was butter-related or not.

12. Since that time, I've learned that when quadrupling recipes, you don't necessarily have to quadruple the butter. In fact, doubling it will do just fine. And my church friends' arteries just thanked me.

13. I just realized that this post is #324 for me - THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR - which is even more disturbing in light of the fact I really only write when Alex is napping or in bed for the night. So I think it's fitting that I close this post with the following declaration: "My name is BooMama. And I'm a blogaholic."

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